Appeal of the General Director

Dear Partners, Clients, Buyers and Colleagues!


The Group of Companies Snack Production is a new name in the market of snack products. And alongside with that it is the largest association of the trade and industrial enterprises, leading in its segment and successfully carrying out its activities in Ukraine and abroad. The paradox of the situation is easily explained: Group of Companies Snack Production was established on the basis of the enterprises, included in the former structure of S.I.GROUP Corporation, which was in the market for 19 years. As a result of the restructuring following the decision of the management of S.I.GROUP Corporation on the business reorganization, the Group of Companies Snack Production companies — snack products, and the Company UFC — consumer goods entered the market.

We were able to collect and keep the team of real professionals, people with a broad outlook and the ability to create a real breakthrough in each of the business lines. At the same time it is nice to know that the passion of our employees in the business makes an invaluable contribution to the implementation of the goals and objectives of the Group of Companies Snack Production.

I should note that the Group of Companies Snack Production sees its mission in th formation of the culture of consumption of snack products that meet the highest European quality standards and as a result, contributing to raising the quality level of similar products in the relevant market as a whole. Among the values of Snack Production there is deserved leadership, fair competition, high quality, innovative solutions and respect for the customer.

As for the plans of the Group of Companies Snack Production Group, at the present moment there is an active work on the conclusion of the new trademarks in the categories of seeds, chips, peanuts and pistachios, as well as principally new products that have never been presented in the Ukrainian retail chains before. This will allow us not only to work on the build-up of the market share of the newly released trademarks, but also in general to change the structure of the snack market in Ukraine.

We thank everyone who is with us today: our employees, business partners and representatives of the Ukrainian mass media. The Group of Companies Snack Production is always open for dialogue and fruitful cooperation!