Goods distribution

Snack Production Group of Companies distributes its own products and other related goods.

Distribution services are provided at the territories of Ukraine, Georgia and Crimea.

Its distribution network in Ukraine includes 41 branches.

Snack Production Group of Companies offers distribution services both on the basis of already

formed teams working under general prices, and through exclusive trade teams of


In Ukraine, Snack Production Group of Companies distributes products of the following

manufacturers and trademarks: Greenfield TM, Tess TM, Princess Java TM, Jockey TM, Veld

(Diva Oliva TM, Dolina Zhelaniy TM, Iberica TM) Vitaminka TM, Olis TM, Rollton TM,

Maspex (LaFesta TM, Coffeta TM, Brumi TM), licensed confectionery for children.

Within Crimea, it is represented by the following brands: Rollton TM, LaFesta TM, Coffeta TM,

Brumi TM.

In Georgia, it renders services involving distribution of the world’s brands: Greenfield TM,

Jockey TM, Jardin TM, Vitaminka TM.

Snack Production Group of Companies also manufacturers the following products under its own

trademarks: canned fruits and vegetables Khutorok TM, canned fish Morskiye TM.

Zeffir TM is a new trend in development of Private-Label goods.

Snack Production Group of Companies launched and presented this brand with the following

groups of goods: pocket wet wipes, children wet wipes, liquid soap, kitchen sponges, air