Corporate Social Responsibility


Group of Companies Snack Production is the largest national association of the trade and industrial enterprises that carry out their activities in the Ukrainian market and in the countries of Eastern Europe. As of today it is a powerful, well-organized structure, which has long-term goals, clear objectives and a development strategy. The enterprises of the Group of Companies Snack Production continues to actively move on the way of diversification, increasing production volumes and expanding its share of presence in the infrastructure of the Ukrainian economy.


It is logical that with the growth of business structures and self-sufficiency of companies the level of social responsibility of the Group of Companies Snack Production is actively growing as well. As of today this function is not just a successful business and continuous contribution to the development of the economy, but also the creation of decent working conditions for the employees of companies, improving the level of the staff’s life, as well as constant participation in public social programs.


Group of Companies Snack Production is sure that compliance with the corporate social responsibility strategy is an integral part of the principles of development of the sustainable and successful business.


That is why the Group of Companies Snack Production, as the key employer in the region, pays great attention to the formation of favorable working conditions for its employees: creates comfortable working places, provides a competitive level of salaries and provide social guarantees. Investment in the development of its staff through training and the acquisition of professional knowledge is one of the basic principles of the personnel policy of enterprises of the Group of Companies Snack Production.


The values of the Group of Companies Snack Production were formed on the basis of universal human values. They are clearly defined and are not subject to the market, geographical, temporal or situational impacts. The long-term strategy of interaction with the local communities has been formed on the basis of these values:


– Investment in social projects;

– Charitable assistance to the categories of citizens that are in need;

– Patronage programs aimed at the formation and development of the Ukrainian culture and sports.