Eurogrouptrans is the general partner on transportation of the Group of Companies Snack Production.


The Company’s headquartered is in Dnepropetrovsk, and repair bases are in the city Sinelnikovo.


Types of activities:


•       Cargo Transportation;

•       Passenger Transportation;

•       Repair of motor vehicles;

•       Services of special machinery for construction and works in warehouses and production sites (loaders, bulldozers, excavators, cranes, and dump trucks).


The fact that in the vehicle fleet there are almost all types of motor vehicles and the modern approach to the business process management make it possible to provide transport services of high quality in the Ukrainian market. The professionalism of the team allows to qualitatively and operatively providing transportation services for the clients, providing services of the European level.


Inland Transportation


Creation of the company was stipulated by the growing demand for transportation services of the enterprises, included in the Group of Companies Snack Production.


The organization of the transport company, subordinated to the industrial interests of all enterprises of the Group of Companies Snack Production, decided at the same time a lot of questions of the prompt delivery of products from the production facilities to retail outlets in all regions of Ukraine and CIS countries; It eliminated possible risks associated with poor-quality services of transport companies.


Today Eurogrouptrans Company successfully copes with the transport objectives of the Group of Companies Snack Production, and proved to be also as an independent, successful business structure, which has a stable reputation with partners and customers.


Passenger Transportation


We should highlight another type of activity – it is the provision of services for passenger transportation. So, Eurogrouptrans provides delivery of the employees to the enterprises of the Group of Companies Snack Production in those cities and regions where the production is located in the areas remote from the settlements. Services are used by about four hundred people a day.


International Transportation


Eurogrouptrans Company is a member of the Association of International Automobile Carriers (AIAC), which provides additional advantages in the form of guarantees to ensure the high-quality international transportation, vehicle safety and safety of the goods, customs clearance and fast access to the databases of the carriers.


Transportation services are provided by different modes of transport: roomy cars Renault Premium with the volume of trailers from 90 to 120 cubic meters and a payload of 20 tons, proven and well-established on the roads of Ukraine KAMAZ automobiles