Snack production Tenders

Dear Colleagues and Partners! The Snack Production Group establishes relationships with its partners and colleagues solely on the basis of transparency and openness in negotiating and building mutually beneficial cooperation. In this section you will find information on projects implemented by the Group Tender Committee.

Tenders held on a regular basis:

  • Supply of cereals (semolina, buckwheat, wheat, peas, pearl barley, rice, etc.)
  • Delivery of flour (1st grade, top grade, rye flour)
  • Supply of sunflower oil
  • Supply of palm oil
  • Supply of corn grits
  • Supply of sugar
  • Delivery of seeds (black, pumpkin), sunflower kernel
  • Delivery of potato of chip types
  • Delivery of packaging (corrugated packaging, 2-, 3-layer film, stretch, adhesive tape)
  • Supply of office paper, stationery
  • Sunflower seeds storage services
  • Logistics services

The Snack Production Group pays great attention to expanding its activities in foreign countries, and actively forms the basis for access to new foreign trading sites.

We are already represented in Australia, England, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia, Italy, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Mongolia, Moldova, Poland, USA, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, Estonia. At the same time, the strategic plans of the companies include the task of entering at least 5-6 countries more. We are planning to become a leader in the European market with a portfolio of popular brands in demand.

If you would like to sign up for the newsletter on the tenders held, please, complete the form below: Pay attention to the fields marked with an asterisk, they must be completed. We look forward to a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation!

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