Letter by CEO

Dear partners, customers, buyers and colleagues! The Snack Production Group has gained confidence and a leading position in the snack products market. However, it is the largest association of trading and manufacturing enterprises, retaining its primacy in the segment and successfully carrying out its activities in Ukraine and abroad.

The paradox of the situation can be explained simply: the Snack Production Group was incorporated on the basis of companies that previously had been a part of the S.I.GROUP Corporation, acting in the market for 19 years. As a result of the reorganization following the decision of the S.I.GROUP Corporation management, and the departure of Ivan Omelchenko from the common business in 2014, the Snack Production Group entered the market.

We have been able to put together and retain a team of true professionals, people with spacious minds and the ability to create a real breakthrough in each of the business areas. At the same time, it's nice to realize that our employees' dedication provides an invaluable contribution to the attainment of goals and objectives of the Snack Production Group.

I would like to note that the mission of Snack Production Group is to form a culture of consumption of snack products meeting the highest European quality standards and, as a consequence, contributing to the improvement of quality of similar products in the relevant market as a whole.

Among the values of Snack Production are a well-deserved leadership, fair competition, high quality, unconventional solutions and respect for the buyer.

As for the Snack Production Group's plans, there is an ongoing effort to launch new flavours of already known brands in the sunflower seeds, chips, peanuts and pistachios categories, as well as of fundamentally new products that have never been represented in Ukrainian retail chains before. This will allow us not only to work on increasing the market share of the newly released brands, but also to change the structure of the snack market in Ukraine as a whole. We thank everyone who is with us today: our employees, business partners and representatives of the Ukrainian media. The Snack Production Group is always open to communication and fruitful cooperation!

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Our Group Worldwide

The Snack Production Group pays great attention to expanding its activities in foreign countries, and actively forms the basis for access to new foreign trading sites.

We are already represented in Australia, England, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia, Italy, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Mongolia, Moldova, Poland, USA, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, Estonia. At the same time, the strategic plans of the companies include the task of entering at least 5-6 countries more. We are planning to become a leader in the European market with a portfolio of popular brands in demand.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Snack Production Group is the leader of the Ukrainian snack market, which has already reached the international level, securing its position in the countries of Eastern Europe. Today it is a powerful, well-coordinated structure with long-term goals, clear tasks and strategy of development. The companies of the Snack Production Group are still focused on diversification, expansion of manufacturing capabilities and increasing their share in the infrastructure of the Ukrainian economy.

It should come as no surprise that with the growing business structures and self-sufficiency of companies, the level of social responsibility of the Snack Production Group of companies is actively increasing as well. To date, this function is not only to successfully carry out business activities and to continuously contribute to the development of the economy, but also to create decent working conditions for the company employees, improve the standards of living for the staff, as well as to participate in public social programs on a continuous basis.

The Snack Production Group is convinced that adhering to a corporate social responsibility strategy is an integral part of the principles of developing a sustainable and successful business.

Therefore, as a key employer in the region, the Snack Production Group pays great attention to creating favourable working conditions for its employees: creating comfortable workplaces, providing a competitive payroll rate and ensuring social security.

Investing in the development of its staff through training and acquisition of professional knowledge is one of the main principles of the personnel policy of the companies of the Snack Production Group

The Snack Production Group values have been formed on the basis of universal human values. They are clearly defined and are not subject to market, geographical, temporal or situational influences. Based on these values, a long-term strategy for interaction with local communities has been formed:

  • – investments in social projects;
  • – charitable assistance to the needy categories of citizens;
  • – philanthropic programs aimed at the formation and development of Ukrainian culture and sports.
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The Mission and Values of the Snack Production Group

Snack Production Group is a new world of tastes, ideas and opportunities!

Snack Production Group broke into the Ukrainian market in 2014. But the story of the Snack Production Group began much earlier - from the late 90s of the 20th century. Larisa Vasilyevna Omelchenko and her son, Ivan Anatolyevich Omelchenko can confidently be considered the founders of the family business, as they brought to life the idea of making nuts and crackers an integral part of the Ukrainian snack product, which has become so popular not only among young people, but among the older generations today. Ivan Anatolyevich Omelchenko, being an enterprising young man, enthusiastically took up the family business development, starting his journey with only a few like-minded people. Today, Snack Production Group is represented in many countries and has more than 100 snack product names.

Values Responsibility

We are not afraid to undertake obligations and always complete our tasks. The success of the Snack Production Group is based on the personal output of each of the employees. We are 100% responsible for our obligations to the partners, colleagues and society.

Maximum performance

There are no impossible tasks! The Snack Production Group employees know this truth only too well. That is why we guarantee 100-per cent fulfillment of any task given.

High quality

High quality of products and services is a daily work of a large team of professionals of the Snack Production Group. We always strive to give the customers more than they expect.

Sustainable development

Due to the professional, personal and career development of each of the employees, we are confident about our future and guarantee stability both in relations within the companies and with our partners.


Employees of the Snack Production Group speak proudly about the companies' activities, their work and their contribution to the common goal. We believe that commitment and shared interests make our team stronger. It is important for us that partners take pride in cooperating with us.

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