Meet the updated CHIPSTER'S chips! A high crack, saturated spices and style design for CHIIIL-TIME! When you want everything around to be “easy” and “fun”, and around only "SHOULD" there is a dome "CHIPSTERS"! Just take a pack of “CHIPSTER'S” home, and take time for what is really important - nothing! Chips “CHIPSTERS” is when you finally “CAN DO WITHOUT ANY SHOULDS”!

Arrange your anti-party with "crunch"! Chill like "Sour cream with greenery", rush like a "wave of bacon", break into like a "crab in the sea", hang like "paprika", melt like "cheese", have fun "with the barbecue" and lie on the sofa "on a chill with mushrooms "- all this is possible with chips «CHIPSTER`S». Updated spices and an improved cooking method for a vivid sensation! Make "BITE" and there will be "CRUNCH"!

Gift in a pack!

We have two cool news at once! Find sour chewing gum in a Flint pack and blow dough from different tastes: Cola, Tutti-frutti, Watermelon, Strawberry, Orange. BOOT BUBBLE - FORGET TO TRABLE! And a cool gift from CHIPSTERS! An updated taste of spices and a refreshing dragee in a pack for explosive sensations! Try all the cool tastes of dragees: cool Mint, sweet Cherry, juicy Orange! TAKE CHIPSTERS MAD TASTE Look for dragees and chewing gum in bundles with promotional ribbons!

З 8 березня, дорогі дівчата!

З 8 березня, дорогі дівчата! У найпрекрасніше і ніжне свято, Snack Production бажає всім дамам весни в душі, любові в серці і блиску щастя в очах. Спасибі вам за те, що несете натхнення і красу в цей світ! Нехай вам завжди вистачає терпіння і супроводжує вдача!

Нехай кожен день буде наповнений романтикою, мріями, приємними сюрпризами та подарунками долі! Бажаємо, щоб у цей березневий день кожна відчула, наскільки вона особлива неперевершена, і нехай це почуття залишиться назавжди!

This is the booty!

62 smartphones, 868 certificates and cool sticker packs for everyone! All this was received by the participants of the “Hunt for Prizes” action from San Sanych. A huge number of hunters participated in this game. San Sanych is simply delighted with your persistence!

Flintofans, we have great news!

Flint entered the 100 most expensive brands of Ukraine! This is all thanks to you! Thanks for choosing Flint. Creating for you such delicious and crispy crackers is our life's work! We definitely won’t stop there, we will continue to improve the quality and taste of our products!

The rating was compiled according to HB magazine and MPP Consulting. More details: