The products are manufactured using the state-of-the-art equipment, which has no analogues in Ukraine. All processes are automated, which allows for the highest level of performance. The personnel of the companies undergoes multilevel training to operate the production.

San Sanych

The best seeds from a true expert – «San Sanych»! A story of a big lover of fried delicacy began in 2014, when an animated commercial in support of a new brand by the Snack Production Group - the «Sun Sanych» seeds – was aired on Ukrainian TV channels.

In a rather short time, the story of «San Sanych» won the love and support of the Ukrainian consumer. But the main guarantee of the success of «San Sanych» is the high quality of the product

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For over 15 years, the brand has been ranked first in the croutons market and remains the only brand that boasts a complete production cycle.

Own bakeries, use of unique combinations of spices and unique packaging that preserves freshness and taste of the products within the specified shelf life.

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Big Bob

In April 2015, the Snack Production Group launched a new exclusive «Big Bob» brand on the market of packaged nuts.

The ambition to be at the heart of bright events and live life to the fullest is an essential desire of modern people. The perfectly roasted selected peanut by «Big Bob» was created for such active and purposeful people. The benefits of nuts and the incredible taste of spices are always at hand!

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Brand «CHIPSTER’S» is widely represented in Ukraine, is among the three leaders of the natural chips market, and is widely available in the foreign countries due to its high quality.

The «CHIPSTER’S» chips' key to the success is their premium quality. Selected potato varieties, rich spices and the best vegetable oil make the products of this brand unique!

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In October 2004, the first batch of fish snack by «Morski» TM was released. Today, the range of products by Morski TM includes the following types of seafood: Squid, Squid Rings, Squid Thread, Spicy Squid, Anchovy, Striped Bigeye, Putassu, Pigfish, Tuna, Salmon sticks, Jackfish, Amber with pepper.

Each of the proposed items has found a large number of fans among the lovers of salted fish.

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Petrykivska lakomka

Thanks to the traditions that were preserved in every family like a seed, the same traditional taste of "Lakomka" seeds has reached us. The sunflower flower especially inspires the masters of Petrikovsky painting, because the sunflower is a symbol of well-being. That is why sunflower seeds are a traditional product that every Ukrainian family loves, especially the "Lakomka" variety for its special sweet taste.

A favorite variety of seeds and traditional Petrykiv creativity - this is how the national brand "Petrykivska lakomka" appeared!

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«HROOM» chips - find your chip! «HROOM» TM is a bright, stylish, dynamically developing brand that not only adds colour to dull grey weekdays, but also gives a lot of unforgettable positive emotions.

«HROOM» chips are a snack at a reasonable price that will not leave you indifferent, since due to the special structure and thin proportions of the chips, «HROOM» TM chips absorb even more rich spices.

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